Miami Dolphins top coaching candidates A top five wish list The Miami Dolphins are down to their final game under interim head coach Dan Campbell.Doug Martin Jersey The team will face the New England Patriots on Sunday and officially move into the search for a new head coach. With the firing of former head coach Joe Philbin 13 weeks earlier,Ezekiel Elliott Jersey the franchise has had plenty of time to start building lists and developing a plan for how to attack this offseason. Who could be on that list of potential head coaches for a team that,Mike Evans Jersey despite a decade of mediocrity, still ranks as the fourth winningest franchise in league history?Laremy Tunsil Jersey We have had a running list of potential coaches for the Dolphins, scouring the ranks of former NFL coaches,Mark Ingram Jersey current coordinators, and potential college coaches looking to jump to the professional league.Carson Wentz Jersey The most recent version of the list has 27 potential candidates on it, and still does not include names like Chip Kelly,Darrelle Revis Jersey who was fired from the Philadelphia Eagles last night; Gary Patterson, who has sprung TCU back into the national spotlight the last few years; Chuck Pagano,Jason Witten Jersey who could be heading into the end of his tenure with the Indianapolis Colts; and Sean Payton, who may or may not be fired by the New Orleans Saints.Aaron Rodgers Jersey Trying to make a comprehensive list is nearly impossible, so today,Ryan Tannehill Jersey we do something a little different. Today, I present to you my top five wish list for the team. This is not to say any of these guys will be interviewed or hired by the Dolphins, but it is my personal short list for the job. Feel free to make your own top five in the comments after the article, as well as tell me why you think anyone on this list should or should not be there. And, to be fair, this listing could change over the next week or two as Miami starts their search and leaks begin to trickle out about who they are considering.