AL Aesthetics

The Brief

When AL Aesthetics came to our SEO agency Birmingham, we found out their website’s rankings dropped significantly.Doing some investigation, we found out that the website could have lost rankings due to competitors taking the limelight.

SEO is a never-ending process, rather than a one-off effort even if you get to the very top, competitors can outrank you any minute by improving their pages.

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The Creative Solution

Researching into the target audience and competitors, we knew exactly what was missing – Content optimisation, title and description updates, header tags inputting and missing ALT tags replacing.Although the site was informative, it wasn’t discussing the services in detail including keyword phrases, so just didn’t rank for the keywords their target audience we are looking for.

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The Result

Taking into consideration the site audit and the competitors’ site audit, we adapted the SEO Birmingham strategy accordingly to step up the game. Not only this, we believe that SEO is much more than just ranking! It is more about increasing your sales and conversions and helping you achieve the highest ROI by driving targeted traffic to your website.

As well as focusing on the treatment services, we looked also optimised some latest news posts because it was a good cross-selling tactic to their sister company who provides training courses for the treatments. This gave us a perfect opportunity to create a good link building relationship and create fresh content, which the Google Crawler loves.

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